What makes Novo Healthnet different?

A new standard of patient care

Personalized Care

Our team will perform a full personalized assessment to determine the best treatment options to get you back to your best you.

No More Paperwork

Our automated intake process eliminates the need to fill in mountains of paperwork.

Total Provider Access

From Physiotherapy to Chiropractic. From Massage to Therapeutic Laser. From Orthotics to Stroke Rehabilitation. Together our team will help you get well and stay well.

No Hassle Appointments

With extended clinic hours, choose an appointment time that works with your schedule.

Convenient Locations

We offer you over 100 Corporate and Affiliate locations to make your visits easier and more convenient.

Latest Technology

As a leader in the development and use of leading edge technology, feel comforted that your journey employs the latest and most sophisticated tools to get you back on the road to wellness.

Meet Our Executive Team

Professional, Experienced, Dedicated

Amanda Dalcourt, PT, Dip MDT

Co-Founder, Vice President -Eldercare

Amanda Dalcourt is a Registered Physiotherapist, ADP Authorizer and holds a post-graduate Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. She is Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Eldercare with Novo Peak Health.

Mike Gaynor, BScPT, FCAMT, MCPA Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

Senior Advisor, Co-Founder - Novo Healthnet/Back on Track

Mr. Gaynor is a Physiotherapist and Manual Therapy specialist with 30 years of clinical experience. Mr. Gaynor became a Fellow of the Canadian Academy Manipulative Therapy (CAMT) in 1999.

Emily Mattacchione

Executive Vice President Administration and Human Resources

Mrs. Emily Mattacchione's experience in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to finance, has proven an invaluable asset and instrumental in the implementation of effective control procedures as well as the required consolidation of service policies.

Call us today to make an appointment and get the care you deserve. +1 (905) 660-3777 (local) or +1 (877) 626-6402 (toll-free).

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Call us today to make an appointment and get the care you deserve. +1 (905) 660-3777 (local) or +1 (877) 626-6402 (toll-free).

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