What is ‘Novo Connect’?

Delivery of health care is undergoing massive changes for practitioners and consumers. Technology. Google. Wearables. People are online looking and learning and wanting more information and education. The result in study after study is that using the new technologies of a home health and wellness platform, patients use the emergency room less, are admitted into hospital less, live at home longer and feel more in control of their health.

At the core of the Novo Healthnet mission is connecting our patients with our practitioners with services and technologies for better health and wellness outcomes. Welcome to NOVO CONNECT!

Measure heart rate, blood pressure, weight, body temperature and cardiac anomalies in real time with medical grade technologies. A clinician can see vitals to better recommend treatment options, look for patterns that might suggest a patient is getting worse or can intervene early with a trusted source of information and education to change behavior, adjust medications or send a home-care nurse to make a house call. All in one simple to use right out of the box ‘tablet’ right from home.

  • Cardiac Care
  • Weight Loss
  • Family Connect
  • Hypertension & Stroke

Novo Connect is setting the gold standard of health technologies and care for you, your family and your health care team - all from the comfort of your easy chair.