What is Chiropody?

A Chiropodist is a primary health care provider educated exclusively in the assessment, treatment and prevention of foot disorders.
Chiropodists provide patients with total nail and skin care, perform nail and soft tissue surgeries under local anesthetic by injection, and prescribe and fit patients with custom foot orthotics, Ankle Foot orthoses and orthopaedic footwear.  Your Chiropodist can also prescribe topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatories according to your condition. 

What is the difference between Podiatrists and Chiropodists?

Podiatrists are American trained Foot practitioners regulated and registered under the Provisions of the Chiropody Act , Province of Ontario prior to 1993  Podiatrists have qualified from an U.S.A. School of Podiatry and subsequently registered  in Ontario. Podiatrists trained in the U.S. that register in Ontario after 1993 are registered as Chiropodists. Some people use the term chiropodist and podiatrist interchangeably.  Both are governed under the College of Chiropodists of Ontario, and both must pass comprehensive Board Exams as well as provincial licensing exams to be licensed to practice.  For both degrees, students study courses in medical science and must complete hospital based residency programs.


Feet Pain

What can Novo do for you?

  • At Novo, because of our commitment to multidisciplinary care many of our clinics have licensed chiropodists on site that can diagnose and treat pain and dysfunction in the feet. In addition to the nail, skin and wound care they provide, they also perform detailed biomechanical assessments on the feet and a gait analysis to determine the need for custom made orthotics or other recommendations related to footwear. These interventions can be made to correct gait issues that are causing: • Plantar fasciitis • Heel pain • Arch pain • Metatarsal (balls of your feet) pain • Neuromas • Bunions • Ankle pain • Achilles tendinitis • Shin splints • Knee pain • Hip pain • Back pain. Issues with the feet can contribute to any of these conditions so a comprehensive plan from your physiotherapist/chiropractor should involve a foot/gait assessment to make sure the root cause is being addressed. Our chiropodists are also trained to prescribe and fit for compression stockings and foot/ankle bracing through our suppliers. Chiropody is a primary health care discipline and treatments are commonly covered by extended health insurance plans. No referral is necessary and new patients are always welcome. The Chiropodist is able to provide a prescription for custom foot orthotics for the insurance company.
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